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School Improvement Board (formally the Governors)

We share the belief that pupils at Queens Park Academy are deserving of a rich and ambitious education, and that the school can significantly raise standards and improve pupil outcomes. We recognise that to serve pupils and their families, this work needs to be progressed with urgency whilst creating the conditions for improvement to be sustained in the long-term.

The work of the school improvement board is to provide interim expertise and governance during a transitionary period of ambitious school improvement.

Objectives of the School Improvement Board

The school improvement board work with school leaders regularly. They will continue to do this until they are satisfied that:

  1. Safeguarding is effective, pupil conduct is excellent, and pupils feel safe in school
  2. All statutory requirements are being met including but not limited to: health and safety, staffing, personnel
  3. The school is operating effectively within budget – Staff are
  4. Pupils of Queens Park Academy are benefitting from an ambitious, academic and enrichment curriculum and are experiencing the joy of success in their learning
  5. Leaders have the capacity to continue to implement the school improvement plan effectively
  6. Data, including pupil outcomes, indicate standards and achievement is improving in a sustainable manner across the school
  7. The community of Queens Park Academy is integrated into the Advantage Schools family
  8. Succession plans are in place to ensure a transition to an effective Local Governing Body as a replacement for the School Improvement Board
School Improvement Board Members
  • Tom Rees (Chair)
  • Emma Bolton (Headteacher)
  • Majid Shabir
  • Sallie Stanton

Majid Shabir

I became a Parent Governor of QPA in 2018. I have long-standing connections to QPA where I started my Academic education but also my children attend QPA and for this reason I wanted to become more involved in the school. I do believe if it was not for QPA and the Teachers at the time I would not have been successful in my Career.

Sallie Stanton

Sallie is a very experienced school leader and teacher of English.

She has been the Advantage Schools Director of Education since September 2018. She has particular expertise in curricular development and resourcing across Primary and Secondary education.

Sallie is skilled in designing and delivering professional learning opportunities for teachers, with a particular focus on curricular thinking.

Sallie oversees all aspects of educational performance across Advantage Schools.


The board will meet fortnightly during term time. The focus of the meetings will alternate between:


In the School Improvement meetings, the head teacher will provide the board with a report which will measure progress against the school development plan and an update on the key performance indicators.

In the Governance and Compliance meetings the board will focus on ensuring all statutory requirements of the school are met, policies are in place and effective, and that systems are in place to ensure effective governance and leadership in the long term.