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English at Queens Park Academy 



Children in Reception and in Key Stage One follow the ‘Read Write Inc’ programme. As part of the programme, they take reading books home that they have practised in lessons. Children also borrow books from the school and class libraries.

Children in Key Stage two take home a reading book from a number of different reading schemes that are levelled using book bands. Children work their way through the book bands until they become ‘free readers’ and can choose their own books to read. Children in Key Stage two also borrow books from the school and class libraries.

Children across the school have a daily story time to ensure that they know a range of stories across different genres. The children listen to, join in with and discuss the books that they hear. This not only allows children to learn and understand story language and structure but also introduces them to a love of reading that we hope will continue throughout their lives.

Children are taught reading skills during reading lessons with the teacher. There are six skills that we focus on which are;






Summarising (Sequencing in KS1)

To remember all of these reading skills we use the acronym VIPERS.

We teach these skills so that the children learn how to use and understand the texts that they read.



At Queens Park Academy we believe that children need good models of writing to support them to produce their own high-quality work. Therefore we follow ‘Talk for Writing’ which gives children the opportunity to understand the structure and language of a text through discussion and by learning a model text.

We also use ‘The Power of Reading’ to teach writing as it allows us to use engaging stories as inspiration and a starting point for the children’s writing.

We teach spelling and grammar on a daily basis and show children how they can apply their learning into their own writing.

Handwriting is taught formally using ‘Read Write Inc’ from the beginning of Reception until year two. Children learn to write using the cursive script.

Each half term a ‘Star Writer’ is chosen from each year group. These children produce writing that is creative, follows the structure of the genre that they are writing in, is presented neatly and the spelling and grammar is correct.


The National Curriculum 2014 contains spelling lists that should be learnt at different points in the children's primary education.  We aim to teach spelling skills through the systematic teaching of spelling rules. We encourage parents to help with spellings at home. Below are the spelling lists for different year groups within school.

High Frequency Words for Reception

Year 1 and 2 Spelling List

Year 3 and 4 Spelling List

Year 5 and 6 Spelling List